Enterprise Customer Service Platform for LINE

Want to build tighter relationships and engaging conversations with your customers?
Use CAAC (Conversation Analytics and Automation Cloud) to improve one-stop experience on LINE

New Feature! AI Message Generator

CAAC fully integrates with ChatGPT API, enabling businesses to create faster and more natural conversations on LINE official accounts.

Shorten response time, reduce labor costs
CAAC AI helps customer service and sales personnel generate messages automatically by simply entering keywords for machine expansion, significantly improving service efficiency.
Suitable for diverse scenarios, improve communication quality
CAAC AI makes conversations more efficient and can be applied to diverse scenarios such as sales advice, product recommendations, and promotional marketing activities, providing consumers with more timely, fluent, and precise messages, thus enhancing the quality of the conversation.
After customers make purchases in-store, if they join the LINE official account, sales personnel can simply input “in-store try-on lightweight jewelry mother’s day event until 5/10” into CAAC to have it expanded by AI to:
We appreciate your interest in our lightweight luxury diamond. Our Mother's Day promotion is available until May 10th, and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect piece to celebrate this special occasion.”
Check out what CAAC can doEnhance external services and internal management

Higher Service Efficiency

CAAC can help you save on average 75% of your response time.


Clear Team Management

Manage your customer service team by assigning authority and responsibility at ease.


Data Security Guaranteed

Rigorous data management to ensure that information is stored and used securely.



Complete marketing, services, and sales goals on LINE, all in one place.

Make your customer service experiences Easier and Smoother


Optimized Efficiency

CAAC enables you to manage your customers with less time and effort. Features include: tag management to grasp customer profiles, increased communication speeds, search and pins to quickly locate important customers and information, and quick template for speedy customer responses.

Label classification for easy management
Search function for precise locating
Pinning function to prioritize services
Quick template for quick replies
Switch and manage multiple official accounts


Team Management made Easier

Easily assign team members authority and make internal management more efficient while protecting information and privacy. In addition to the five more common roles, our enterprise edition platform can also assign additional roles.

Roles assigned to 5 separate levels minimum.
Permissions allocated for viewing, editing and downloading.


Powerful File Support

Worry no more about compressing and converting files! CAAC has an outstanding upload capacity and supports a diverse array of file formats. PDF for corporate quotations and Excel for group purchase orders are all available as well.

Full support for file types such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
Highest specification in the industry, 10 MB for images and 100 MB for videos and other files


Automatic Backups

Every conversation record is kept securely for your reference. CAAC provides an automatic backup every six months and you can download conversation records at any time. Users can be reassured that their conversations are private and protected.

Automatic back-up completed every 6 months and sent to the administration manager's mailbox
You can manually download the backup at any time
Restrictive access for data privacy protection
Why not shoot 2 birds with 1 stone?
LINE Total SolutionsServices, Marketing & Sales all in one

Customer Service
Platform CAAC

Create the best customer service experience and easily manage customer service processes with efficiency, control, and security.


LINE CRM & Marketing Platform MAAC

Manage customer relationships and provide a full range of marketing solutions: diversions, interactions, shopping guides, integration, and tracking.

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