Unlock the Power of SMS Marketing

Achieve the highest delivery rates and enjoy all the benefits of a reliable industry-leading platform.

We cover a wide range of SMS messaging

Promotional SMS Messages
Boost conversion rates and enhance marketing campaigns by offering special promotions, and personalized discounts.
Authentication & Verification
Safeguard your customers from potential fraud with SMS two-factor authentication and improve your verification services.
Transactional Messages
Perfect for informing customers about essential information related to your products or services.
SMS Reminders
Guarantee that your customers never miss important dates or appointments.
SMS Notifications
Instantly alert customers to enhance your marketing and customer service communications.

Manage contacts efficiently across channels

  • Centralize LINE and SMS contacts to build a unified, comprehensive customer profile.

  • Auto map an SMS recipient to a LINE user with a single click on the SMS link.

  • Provide clear undelivered reasons to remove invalid phone numbers to improve delivery rates.

Personalize SMS messaging based on data

  • Collect behavioral data by auto-tagging customers when they click specific links.

  • Utilize customer tags to segment customers for precise marketing.

  • Personalize messages for segments using templates and parameters.

  • AI customizes send times based on customer past interactions.

Track cross-channel marketing performance

  • Automate messaging through SMS and LINE channels using behavioral data.

  • Utilize LINE, SMS, and Google Analytics to track delivery, clicks, conversions, and revenue.

Provide API and integration to meet your needs

  • Save cost with SMS+API. Start with LINE push, auto-fallback to LON for non-friends, and SMS for unlinked numbers.

  • Utilize our API for sending both bulk SMS and transaction messages across multiple channels.

Guarantee reliability and security

  • Create branded short links to instill customer trust in link safety.

  • Send a test message to verify error-free delivery.

  • International standard for information security: ISO 27001 Certified

Maguang: Reduced costs with Crescendo Lab SMS+API


SMS delivery rate


reduction in cost
Zingala: Increased engagement and reduced block rate to less than 5% with Crescendo Lab SMS+API


LINE block rate

Why us?

Omnichannel Support
Deliver a unified customer experience to cultivate satisfaction.
Operational Excellence
Streamline marketing efforts with automated workflows.
Seamless data flows
Gain a competitive edge through data-driven decisions.

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