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Why Crescendo Lab?
The most important asset of a company is its people, for its people are the ones who shapes its culture.

Come build a top-tier SaaS company with us.

"Crescendo Lab CEO Jin Hsueh on Transparent Working Culture and Core Values for Maintaining High Competitiveness ".
Company Culture
Knowledge is Power. Use Notion as your main source of info intake and gain access to ALL documents within the company. On top of that, we value your voice. Take part in our quarterly all hands and occasional CEO lunches to share your thoughts and learnings.
Here at Crescendo Lab, we work by teams.
To show gratitude, members express gratitude through our #thank_train on Slack. We also hold team-buildings to strengthen our bonds: within each team and cross-team as well.
漸強實驗室團隊穿著招牌鵜鶘Logo T-shirt的日常辦公照。
Freedom and Responsibility
With freedom, comes responsibility. We strongly value ownership mindset, and in return get benefits such as unlimited days off, flexible working hours, and a choice of working remote or at the office.
漸強實驗室以打造世界級的 B2B 軟體服務公司為目標,曾邀請 Google、Meta 和萊雅集團等業界講師為員工進行培訓。
Those who hold a growth mindset will grow faster. In order to help you with this, we encourage you to apply for classes and seminars that may help you with your career. It's on us.
Flexible Working Hours
Choice of working remotely or in the office
Non-limited paid days off
On the job training
(paid by us)
A MAC for you to use
Health Check benefit NT$10,000/year
Team Building Bonus NT$2,000/quarter
Employers Referal Bonus NT$40,000
Our splendid pantry
About Our Teams
業務開發團隊負責與潛在客戶、合作夥伴 C-Level 階層溝通。
Our Product team comprises of Product Managers, Project Managers and Product Designers. Being a Product-oriented company, our PM team has the final say on most decisions.
工程團隊由 Frontend、Backend、DevOps、及 Data 夥伴所組成。
Our Engineering team includes members from Frontend, Backend and DevOps & Data. They develop with one sprint bi-weekly using the Pod Method.
Our Marcom team has members in charge of product marketing, content, digital marketing, and designers. They are the forefront of the company’s expansion into new markets.
業務開發團隊負責與潛在客戶、合作夥伴 C-Level 階層溝通。
Business Development
Our business development team is in charge of discovering potential clients and communicating with our partners’ C-level members. They are the pioneers to solution growth for our company.
Customer Success
Our customer success team includes two roles: Customer Success and Customer Support. They, as our clients’ consultants, bring out the most value out of our products.
Our operation team includes Finance & Admin and Human Resources. They are the backbone of the company, maintaining the company’s operations and culture.
Our Openings
Product Manager (B2B)
Sr. Product Manager (B2B)
Sr. Product Designer
Business Analyst (BA)
Backend Developer
Sr. Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Sr. Frontend Developer
Partner Engineer
Sr. Data Engineer
Marketing & Communicaiton
(Sr.) Content Marketing Producer (Japan) 內容行銷 (日本市場)
Business Development
(Sr.) Business Development (CAAC)
(Sr.) Business Development (MAAC)
Agency Sales
(Sr.) Business Development Specialist, Thailand
Customer Success
カスタマーサクセスマネージャー (Sr.) Customer Success Manager, Japan
Customer Success Manager 客戶成功經理
Customer Operations Manager
(Sr.) Talent Acquisition Specialist (資深)人才招募專員