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Expand your customer base effortlessly
  • Empower loyal customers to invite friends and expand your LINE friends with a simple setup.

  • Convert website visitors and social media followers into LINE friends.

  • Bridge the O2O gap by converting in-person interactions into LINE friends with beacons.

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Build long lasting relationships
  • AI analyzes customer interaction, keeping you informed about brand engagement.

  • AI personalizes messages for the right time, boosting engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

  • Enhance brand interaction and foster positive customer relationships through gamification.

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Transform traffic into conversions
  • AI enhances customer segmentation, identifying the most promising buyers.

  • Leverage cross-channel data for personalized product offerings.

  • AI ensures precise targeting, delivering the right products to the right customers at the right moment.

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Empower sales agents to thrive
  • Route LINE inquiries to the right agents using keywords and unique QR codes.

  • Restricting access to cross-team or cross-branch conversation history.

  • Personalize conversation with Customer 360 to deliver the best in class customer experience.

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Deliver exceptional customer support
  • Accelerate response time with keyword-based routing, AI templates, and AI content expansion.

  • Provide omnichannel support through a unified platform for all social channels.

  • Track customer conversation history across different channels.

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Collect data across touchpoints
  • Collect customer behavioral and interest data on LINE, such as open and click rates, and engagement metrics.

  • Integrating LINE user data with CRM and e-commerce website to track data across various channels.

  • Configure webhook and API calls for data synchronization between LINE data and your current tech stack.

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Omnichannel Support
Deliver a unified customer experience to cultivate satisfaction.
Operational Excellence
Streamline marketing efforts with automated workflows.
Seamless data flows
Gain a competitive edge through data-driven decisions.

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