Unify Data Across Channels for Customer 360°

Effortlessly personalize marketing, improve service, and data-driven decisions, enhance the customer experience.

Seamless data flows across platforms

Providing webhooks, APIs, and connectors to offer a comprehensive data ecosystem.


Google Analytics

Social Media




Capture all LINE behavior data

  • Track opened broadcasts, rich menu clicks, and other interactions in the forms of tags.

  • Use tag data for precise segmentation and tailored product offerings.

  • If you’re using other data platforms, transfer tag data to your platform via API integration.

Google Analytics

Integrate LINE and website behavior data

  • Track cross-channel customer behavior to better understand customer preferences.

  • Personalize message based on LINE clicks, product page views, shopping cart items, and past purchases.


Smooth data transfer from LINE to other platforms

  • When there are updates in LINE behavior, the data will synchronize back to CRM and CDP.

  • Leverage the integration of LINE, CRM, and CDP data to enhance your message personalization.


Map LINE users and customer ID

  • Gain deeper insights into customer preferences.

  • Use data for precise segmentation and tailored product offerings.

  • Leverage the integration of LINE and Ecommerce data to enhance your message personalization.

Social Media

Seamless multichannel customer interactions

  • Recognize when a single customer contacts through multiple channels.

  • Leverage marketing data stored in Customer Data Hub for personalized one-on-one interactions.

Pre-built Connector, Webhook, and Open API

Elevate your customer experience with integrations

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