Empower sales agents to thrive

Establish one-on-one connections and deliver exceptional conversations through the LINE channel.


Smooth and efficient workflow

Auto route to the right agents

Direct customer inquiries to the right agents based on keywords, whether by branch, function, or other criteria, ensuring fast and precise responses.

Route to the agents based on QR code

Each agent has unique QR codes for customers to add to LINE OA, and it automatically assigns to the agent owner.

Delegate customer inquiries

Transfer customer inquiries to other agents during your off-hours or delegate them to the relevant department for specialized handling.

Merge multiple LINE accounts into one

Centralize LINE contacts within a single LINE OA for effortless tracking and customer management.

Respond on all channels from one platform

Efficiently engage with audiences on various social channels by responding from a unified platform.


Enhance conversations efficiency

Respond faster with AI content expansion

Enter a brief sentence, and let AI expand the content using keywords, resulting in significant time savings.

Maintain consistency with brand templates

Build a template library for common questions to improve reply quality and maintain a consistent brand voice and message across all conversations.

Personalize conversation with Customer 360

View customer profile, interaction history, and interests across various channels.


Seamless data flows across platforms

Configure webhook and API calls

Streamline customer interactions with data synchronization between CAAC and your existing tech stack, providing a comprehensive overview of customer behavior.

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